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§ 630 d German Civil Code (BGB) - Consent

(1) Prior to implementing medical treatment, in particular a procedure affecting the body or health, the treating party is obliged to acquire the consent of the patient. If the patient is unable to consent, the consent of a party entitled to do so is to be acquired unless a living will in accordance with section 1901a (1) sentence 1 permits or prohibits the measure. Further requirements with regard to consent ensuing from other provisions remain unaffected. If consent to a measure which cannot be delayed cannot be acquired in good time, it may be implemented without consent if this is in line with the implicit will of the patient.

(2) The effectiveness of the consent is contingent on the patient, or in the case of subsection (1) sentence 2 the party entitled to give consent, having been informed in accordance with section 630e (1) to (4) prior to giving consent.

(3) Consent may be revoked at any time, without complying with a specific format, and without stating reasons.



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