National Contact Point for cross-border healthcare
National Contact Point for cross-border healthcare

What should I consider during treatment?

As a patient, you should make sure that the doctor or dentist includes essential information in your medical records. This is important for future treatment, amongst other things.

The doctor or dentist in Germany must note all measures and results in the medical records which may be important for any (future) treatment. The medical records should for instance include

  • diagnoses
  • results of examinations
  • findings
  • therapies
  • operations and their effects
  • consent
  • information, etc.

The medical records hence serve to document further treatment, but is also used as evidence in case of malpractice.

If the doctor or dentist does not note a measure in the medical records, it can initially be presumed in any court proceedings that this measure was not carried out. The documentation in the medical records is therefore useful both to the doctor or dentist and to you.

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The right to inspect the medical records In Germany, you have the right to inspect your medical records and to make copies of them. There are conditions under which a doctor or dentist may refuse to let you see your records. When has malpractice occurred? Your doctor or dentist in Germany must carry out medical treatment according to the current specialist standards. This is how you recognise whether your treatment meets these requirements and whether malpractice may have occurred. Who helps if you suspect malpractice?

Advice on patients’ rights

Brochure from the Federal Government Commissioner for Patients’ Affairs

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