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What do I have to consider before undergoing treatment?

There are a few things that you have to take care of in advance before undergoing treatment in Germany and which you should clarify with your healthcare provider, such as what documents the doctor or dentist needs from your medical records.

If you come to Germany for treatment within the Patient Mobility Directive, you have at your disposal all healthcare providers who are recognised by the state in Germany, such as doctors or dentists. Our search engine page helps you to find a suitable healthcare provider.

There are no waiting lists in Germany, unlike many other countries in Europe. You can therefore phone the medical professional providing treatment whom you have selected directly and arrange an appointment. Hospitals frequently have a separate “International Office” to deal with the needs of foreign patients which will help you address your concerns.

What information should I give to the doctor or dentist in Germany?

If you specifically enter Germany in order to undergo medical treatment here, you will need to provide the doctor or dentist treating you there in advance with details of your treatment history. This is the only way that the doctor or dentist can ensure that the treatment is successful. Information on treatment that has been carried out in the state in which you live may also be important here. You will find this for instance in your medical records.

Medical records

Before undergoing any treatment, ask the doctor or dentist in attendance in Germany what documents he/she needs from your medical records. In accordance with the Patient Mobility Directive, you are entitled to at least one copy of your medical records relating to the treatment in the state in which you live. If necessary, you may have the copies faxed to you. However, you have to meet the cost of making the copies yourself. The information from your medical records can for instance avoid duplicate examinations. You should have medical findings containing important information related to treatment which you only have in German translated beforehand so that your doctor or dentist can use them.

If you have any problems obtaining the necessary documents from your medical records, please contact your healthcare insurer or the National Contact Point of the state in which you live.

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