National Contact Point for cross-border healthcare
National Contact Point for cross-border healthcare

Before treatment in Germany

Before undergoing treatment in Germany, you should ask your doctor or dentist in Germany what information and documents he/she needs in advance in order to ensure that treatment is successful.

  • Scope of treatment

    If you undergo treatment in Germany within the framework of the Patient Mobility Directive, you can even enjoy more benefits than persons in Germany who have statutory health insurance. There are however some costs which you have to pay yourself.

  • What do I have to consider before undergoing treatment?

    There are a few things that you have to take care of in advance before undergoing treatment in Germany and which you should clarify with your healthcare provider, such as what documents the doctor or dentist needs from your medical records.

  • What does my doctor or dentist have to consider before treatment?

    In order to be able to treat you successfully, your doctor or dentist needs information from you. Before treating you, he/she must inform you in an understandable manner of all important circumstances related to the treatment. He/she must furthermore obtain your consent for each physical intervention, except in an emergency.

Advice on patients’ rights

Brochure from the Federal Government Commissioner for Patients’ Affairs

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Regional sources of information

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National information media

You will find more national information available here if you want to find out what treatment is available for specific diseases, or if you need further information on the topic of health.


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