National Contact Point for cross-border healthcare
National Contact Point for cross-border healthcare

Structured Hospital Quality Reports

What services do hospitals in Germany offer? How much experience does a hospital have when it comes to carrying out the operation I need? How often have problems occurred here? How well can they cater for my specific needs? You will find the answer in the hospitals’ Structured Quality Reports.

The hospitals’ Structured Quality Reports are to be drawn up on an annual basis by all hospitals which may provide benefits for persons who have statutory health insurance in Germany. The Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) establishes the requirements for these reports in terms of their content. Both patients and healthcare providers can use them to obtain information and orientation. The Quality Reports must be published on the hospitals’ websites, and patients must be able to find them easily.

The Structured Quality Reports are made up of three parts.

A1-A3: General contact information

A4: Regional obligation to provide psychiatric services

A5: Medical and long-term care provided by the hospital

A6: Other non-medical services provided by the hospital

A7: Accessibility aspects

A8: Hospital’s research and teaching

A9-A10: No. of beds and hospital’s case numbers

A11: Staffing of the hospital

A12: Individuals responsible for quality management at intra-institutional level

A13: Special equipment available

A14: Patient-orientated commendation and complaints management

Diagnoses acc. to ICD (B-(X).5)

Procedures acc. to OPS (B-(X).6) (German Operations and Procedures Scheme)

Out-patient treatment capacity (B-(X).7)

Admission to the procedure for transitory specialist treatment (“Durchgangsarztverfahren”) of the Social Accident Insurance Institution (B-(X).9)

Staffing (B(X).10)

C1: Participation in external comparative quality assurance

C2: External quality assurance in accordance with Land law

C3: Quality assurance in the event of participation in disease management programmes

C4: Participation in other external comparative quality assurance procedures

C5: Implementation of the regulations on minimum volumes

C6: Implementation of guidelines on structural quality

C7: Implementation of the regulations on further training in the hospital

The Federal Joint Committee provides practical information for German-speaking patients on its website in order to facilitate a better understanding of the Quality Reports. It also refers to Internet search engines on which Structured Quality Reports can be found and compared with one another.

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