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What quality and safety regulations apply in Germany?

Patients are treated in Germany according to specific standards and guidelines which are to safeguard and improve the quality and safety of the treatment. These are a prerequisite for an economically-viable, high-performance healthcare system.

If you seek treatment in Germany, it has to be provided in accordance with the standards and guidelines for quality and safety which have been determined for Germany. The German healthcare system aims to continuously improve the quality of the treatment and to guarantee availability of care. You will find below an overview of the legal framework and measures which help achieve this goal.

All hospitals in Germany are obliged to take part in quality assurance, with the aim in mind of assessing and improving the quality of medical care. In order to achieve this goal, the hospitals collect treatment data. This means that, where hospitals collect data, they are obliged to inform you of the purpose and content of the quality assurance procedure insofar as it concerns you. This information must state what data are to be collected, specify the agencies collecting and processing them, and detail the uses to which the data are to be put, as well as what is subsequently to be done with them. The Federal Joint Committee provides a patient information leaflet for this purpose, which you can consult by following the link below. However, it is only available in German. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this leaflet.



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