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Travel expenses

Did you fall ill during a temporary stay and have to pay travel expenses, for instance because you had to be ambulanced to hospital, and are you wondering whether you have to pay the bill that you received and if you are entitled to a cost reimbursement after payment?

If you fell ill during your stay so that you have incurred travel expenses, the question of whether the assisting health insurer will pay these expenses will be determined according to the law of the treatment state.

If you receive a bill from the patient transport company, please contact the assisting health insurer or the National Contact Point of the country in question and enquire whether the travel expenses are included in the benefits that are covered by the law applicable there in your specific individual case. Should the costs not be included in the benefits, you would have to pay the travel expenses yourself.

If you have already paid the bill from the patient transport company, you can submit it either to the assisting health insurer or to your German health insurance fund for a reimbursement. They will examine whether the costs that you have incurred can be reimbursed, and in what amount.



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