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Prior authorisation for treatment in another EU country in accordance with the Patient Mobility Directive

You can learn below when prior authorisation in accordance with the European Patient Mobility Directive is necessary for an examination or treatment in another EU country.

Hospital treatment can be provided in Germany in fully in-patient, partly in-patient, pre-admission, post-discharge or out-patient form. The question of what constitutes hospital treatment is defined as a matter of principle solely in accordance with the German legislation. If you have an examination or treatment carried out in another EU country which could only be offered in Germany by registered contract doctors and dentists in private practice, you do not need any prior authorisation for this from your German health insurance fund. It may conversely be that medical and dentists’ surgeries in another EU country offer out-patient examinations or treatment which are only carried out in Germany by hospitals. You always need the prior authorisation of your health insurance fund in such cases.

If an operation is carried out in out-patient form in another EU country, you should always contact your German health insurance fund or us. It may be that such treatment can be offered in Germany by both hospitals and by registered contract doctors and dentists in private practice under certain conditions. Depending on the circumstances, it is therefore possible that you need prior authorisation from your health insurance fund, or indeed you may not.



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