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Treatment in Germany

You have health insurance in another Member State and would like to undergo treatment in Germany?

We would like to start in this chapter by providing you with an overview of the German health insurance system and of the quality and safety regulations that are relevant when undergoing treatment in Germany. You will also learn what rules apply when it comes to protecting your data in Germany. You can select from the search engine links that we have provided if you are looking for a specific type of healthcare provider (doctor, dentist, hospital, speech therapist, etc.).

You will find information regarding barrier-free access to hospitals by following the link in the document and link box at the end of this page.

Your specific rights to treatment in Germany differ depending on whether

Please read our information at “Pregnancy/maternity” on treatment related to pregnancy and maternity.

If the healthcare provider prescribes you a medicinal product, remedy or medical aid and you would like to present this prescription in your home country, you will find more information by following the link in the document and link box at the end of this page.

We have also put information together for you in case you would like to inspect your medical record at the end of your treatment or need a copy of it, or if you need information about what you should do if you suspect medical malpractice.

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